We are Star Atlas
Sketchers of the Atlas

What We Do, Who We Are

As one of the few China-based flight simulator development studios, Star Atlas designs, produces and delivers accurate restoration of diversified sceneries inspired by the actuality, aiming to integrate humane and culture into flight simulators while presenting the charm of the aviation world.

These top-notch products, regardless of whether it’s payware or not, have shown progressiveness and innovativeness, which benefited by our constant exploration and inquiring mind towards new methodology.

Sketchers of the Atlas

As a commercialized studio with hardware production segments, Star Atlas is the most productive flight simulator development company in the Chinese X-Plane market, as well as a strong performer in the flight sim community.

Star Atlas aimed to be international and multinational – establish cooperation and collaboration with various developers around the globe, with roughly 20 companies and individuals involved. The sky has no borders. So does Star Atlas. They sketch the atlas of the aviation world, although slowly, but persistently.

A Cultural Carrier

Star Atlas longs to be the bridges, between virtual and reality, between technology and culture, between every individual and their dreamt destination. Burdened by expectation from the supporters and customers, Star Atlas shall keep up along the path, on and on. As a China-based studio, a balanced culture is what Star Atlas pursuing for. (Read more about Star Atlas' Cultural Balance)

Ethical Business, Sustainable Development

To be a true global citizen and boost the development of the community, Star Atlas is committed to many commonweal projects like compiling scenery development handbook for free (in Chinese), expand the Scenery Gateway together with developers around the globe, as well as the X-Plane UI translation (from English to Chinese) voluntarily.

Regardless of cost, conducting business with ethics bear in mind would help the community to be a better, and more organic community. At the current stage, Star Atlas and all of its members are striving to internationalize the Chinese community, and to be the role model of the followers.

Stand for integrity

In pursing of human dignity, Star Atlas places integrity in the first place. Comply with rules, but also dare to try something new; have the bravery to admit mistakes, and solve them. The team stands together to delve values: integrity, justicial, dedicative, patriotic, principled, and amicable.

Respect Every Creator

Star Atlas believes that creator is where the idea come from. Each and every credit were addressed correctly and strikingly to those who deserve for their efforts.