Cultural Balance
How we harmonize cultures

Responsibility of the Cultural Carrier

Star Atlas meant more than developing software. We are not just impersonal modeling machines; each piece of the work have different culture embedded. Those products have always had a style, an emotion, a sentiment, and thoughts.

As personal elements involved, unbiasedness should be the target to pursue. As a China-based studio offering products to the world, Star Atlas think rationally, act confidently, and reflect critically. Receptive, Objective, Unprejudiced. These are the words that Star Atlas gave for the word "Open-Minded," which is one of the value, that values the team. 

Star Atlas stays respective for all ideologies, cultures, and societies. Although based in China, but think as a global citizen. The sky has no border, yet the flight simulator world. Star Atlas believes that the arguable topics in such a chaotic world should not intervene and mix-up with the virtual world. Therefore, the team does not create, propagate, export cultures and ideas and impose upon the users. On the contrary, a nonfiction record of the reality is what Star Atlas was doing all the way along.

Patriotism values, and it indeed occurs. But Star Atlas believes that the best equilibrium state should be the one that has diverseness, especially when it comes to China-related projects. As the presenter, Star Atlas firmly believes that "patriotic" doesn't mean to be the propagator of our nation and ideology, but to present the best of what we can offer to the world, and handle the judgement to the user.

Although preferable, yet Chinese is not the most ideal language. As long as the source is made originally but not came directly from the on-site image, both Chinese and English are there to make the meaning understandable to users around the world. The use of Chinese indeed could be more immersive, but Star Atlas considers the "sentiment" and "thoughts" the most valuable points which separate work, from the one generated by default. Recognizable is the basis of understandable, it is thus essential for users to comprehend our culture instead of our nation's culture, and to accept our ideas regarding the project, but never go beyond the virtual.

Nevertheless, Chinese characteristics were always being presented in another form of way in China-related project, through undisputed medias such that every information can be as neutral as possible.On the other hand, any irrelative cultures shall be strictly prohibit while working on non-Chinese projects, and the team will take a portion of the time, to get to know the culture of the places, in an effort to be accurate, and objectives.