Preciseness & Exquisiteness
How we treat our products

Behind every commercial product, there're procedures behind which efforts to controls the quality. Star Atlas places quality above all, and set ourselves the goal which only high-quality product shall be made, or updates must occur to maintain the top-notch standard.

The preciseness embodied in every procedure, start-up from the source collection. On-site collection is guaranteed for every China-related projects, which within reach. This helps us to
get to know the culture and the characteristics of the places while providing high-quality images for procedures afterward. Nevertheless, Star Atlas clearly aware that airports are the strategically-sensitive areas in every country. Quality control is not only a respectful attitude towards our product, but also the way to protect ourselves, and the national security of the originated country. Star Atlas shall never present any non-civilian area despite the fact that our original goal was to reframe the reality.

For every on-site source collection conducted in China, the activity itself has been approved and reported to the administrative bureau. The effort towards legalization is likewise the strive towards perfection in terms of product quality, they both fundaments a stable, legal, traceable development process.

Star Atlas aims to maintain the highest standard of accuracy that we can achieve, re-design the textures in HD as the way they are in reality, and aligning our developing procedure within our self-governance to minimize the possibility of violating corresponding laws and regulations.